Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

So recently your relationship has taken a turn for the worst, and you're not quite sure what it is. You think that it has to be you, but more than likely it's him. You have a feeling that it's going to come to and end, so here are the signs that you need to break up with your boyfriend.

15) You put way more into the relationship than he does

So it seems like you're the only one that is putting any effort into working things out. Even when you aren't in the mood and just want to be alone, you will at least try, they just act like they don't care.

14) He doesn't make and effort to dress up anymore

When he knows that he is going to see you, he dresses the same as he always would. Sometimes he gets  too comfortable and wears his Tracksuits bottoms when he is going to see you. It's not like he used to wear a tuxedo or anything , but at least he used to groom himself.


13) You're constantly fighting over small things

It's seems to be that anything will set you off and it's the little things that he does that get under your skin. This a definite sign that you need to dump them. You seem to have more arguments with him than proper conversations.

12) You look forward to being with your friends more than him

What's the point of being in a relationship if you don't enjoy spending time with him. If you feel like you always want to be with your friends rather than him then it's a very clear sign that you need to cut your losses.


11) He doesn't value your opinion

If he has a problem or needs a second opinion on something he won't ask you for help. It's a clear sign that he doesn't think much of what you think. If he really did he would ask for your advice and stop acting like an asshole.

10) They literally have no ambitions, whatsoever

Even if they are unemployed it's would be good to see that them actually trying to move forward and take any opportunity that comes their way. When they literally have no ambition or drive  you should definitely leave them.


9) They have become incredibly predictable

Sometimes it's good to have a day where you usually meet up, but spontaneity keeps a relationship alive. If they always say they will definitely be there and always let you down, it's time to move on.

8) You always seem to have a big fight when you go out together

Drink doesn't make your arguments any better, if anything it escalate things. You see him checking other girls out  and you want to punch him in the face. This is a definitive sign that  you need to dump him.



7) You can't seem to agree on anything

When you go onto Netflix you can never ever decide what to watch, so you just end up watching a movie that you have seen ten times before. Whenever you go out for dinner together you can never decide where to go, it always ends up being a Chinese.

6) He has no shame insulting you

If he really cared about you he would know the difference between a bit of banter and a full blown insult. A boyfriend that cares is one that doesn't hurt your feelings for no reason, so clearly you need to give him the boot.


5) He never wants to do what you want to do

The key to any successful relationship is compromise, and if he never wants to do what you want to do, he isn't a good boyfriend. They don't have to pretend to like it, but at least he can be open to trying new things.

4) You have realised that there was never really a spark

Sure, you had things in common and shared some of the same views, but over time you have to come to realise that there was never really a spark. It's not always physically either, sometimes when things don't click they don't click.


3) Sex has become stale and less frequent

If he never seems to be in the mood or when he is, doesn't even try, then he clearly has his mind on something else. It's not to say that he is cheating on you, but clearly he has feelings for someone else and isn't fully invested.

2) Even your family start to dislike him

Your family can actually be a good judge of character and they'll be able to tell if he isn't treating you right or not pulling his weight. Your father will always be skeptical and your mother has the final judgment. If your brother and sister even agree, they probably know who's best for you.

1) You have considered cheating on him

If you aren't happy when you're with him and you get a bad feeling when you're around them, then it's a very clear sign. It's not uncommon to think about cheating, there are other people in your life that make you happier than him.

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