Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Too Immature

There isn't a lot that changes when a guy grows up, they might look different or sound different, but they're still really a kid inside. Some guys are better at hiding it around you than others, but one thing is for certain when they're with their friends they will always act immature. Here are the signs that your boyfriend is still  immature.

15) They're incredibly shallow

They're all about looks, whether it's being obsessed with how they look or only caring about how others look. Being attracted to someone is a small part of a relationship, if all they care about is looks , then they're definitely immature.

14) They're very materialistic

It is good to have something to work toward in life, but if all they are working for is a new iPhone 6 or a new part for their car instead of spending it on their girlfriend, it shows immaturity. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, but if all your money goes to other things, then it shows where their priorities lie.


13) They still think toilet humour is hilarious

We all like a little bit of crude humour every now and again, but if he has the sense of humour of a 10 year old then it's not a good sign. When you get to a certain age, you look back on the things that you used to think were funny and see how childish they were. If he is immature he still finds the same things funny.

12) It's never their fault

They won't take the blame for anything or admit when they're wrong. It's a real sign of immaturity if they can't own up to something, it's one thing to be stubborn once a while but sometimes you just need to accept when you're wrong. Relationships aren't all fun and games and sometimes you just need to concede defeat.


11) The only dish they know how to make is beans on toast

They are not well versed in the culinary arts and the closest they come is beans on toast. They would never be able to make a romantic dinner for you, instead they would order Chinese food and maybe let you have some of their chips

10) Their favorite movie is anything by Michael Bay

Kids like big explosions and loud noises in movies, but if that is still all they look for in a movie then they're clearly immature. When you get older your tastes change and you watch movies with a bit more substance. For some they still get excited by seeing the same explosions over and over again.


9) Their career is going nowhere

It's a scary world out there, but after a while you have to learn to come to grips with it. There is no point in sitting around waiting for things just to happen, if they've no job and no direction, they're not accepting responsibility for their life.

7) They never make any plans

Staying in is always the best option for them and they never plan to go out to dinner or see a movie. Their equivalent is getting a take away and watching Netflix. It's basically the same idea to them, expect there is a huge difference between going out and staying in.


6) They always say they're too broke

If they are strapped for cash, then sometimes there is no problem with asking for a lend of money. If they actually have money but still ask you for some then they are clearly taking advantage of you. If they can never pay for things or are always stingy with money, then they are clearly to immature for a relationship.

5) They still watch Sunday morning cartoons

We all have things that we hold onto from our childhood, but sooner or later we grow out of it. If they still watch cartoons on a Sunday morning they're still immature. There are cartoons for adults like Family Guy and South Park, but if they still watch Rugrats religiously then they haven't matured enough.


4) He is more emotionally unstable than you

Guys have feelings to, but they don't wear them on their sleeve for all to see. Guys should have their emotions intact and only open up during those intimate moments. If they burst in tears at pretty much anything they still have the emotional stability of a toddler.

3) They think that a T-shirt and sweatpants is always suitable attire

So you decide to go out somewhere for a change, but they just wear the clothes that they just wore to the gym. It wouldn't hurt if they made a bit of an effort every now and again. Clearly they're too immature if they think that wearing the same clothes for every occasion is acceptable.


2) Their favorite DJ is Tiesto

They listen to music that was popular about 5 or 6 years ago and don't even realise it. They have ambitions of becoming a DJ, but they don't know the first thing about music. They always blare their music in the house and think that everyone needs to hear what shit they're listening to.

1) They have no idea how to comfort you

Guys aren't the best at dealing with people's emotions, but that doesn't mean we can't empathize or show compassion. There are some guys that don't have a clue what to do when their girlfriend is emotional. It doesn't take that much, all you need is a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to. They don't need someone to tell them to get a grip.

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