Sh*t Single People Have To Deal With

You see we should want to be writing about how amazing it all is to be single and free but the reality is that it's a lonely old place. The following are all experienced by those who are single on a regular basis..

Being hungover and having no one to hold you

The dog can only do so much.

Your parents picking you up from the airport


..just feels wrong

Being at the single table at 21st's

Expect to have to make conversation with every odd ball and family relative..


Valentines Day..

Getting one card from your mum and dad is pathetic after the age of 8..

No love


No action

Little explanation needed..

No one to bring to parties


No surprise 'just because you're special' gifts

Yes we will admit these rarely come but in theory.


No one to recreate the kissing scenes from The Notebook and Dirty Dancing with

Again no real person is actually going to do this but we like to think they might.


Will I end up alone? Will I always have to pay for my own dinner? Will I be the spinster friend in my group? Such worries are enough to plague a young person's mind..


Being the third wheel

No excuse to stay in

The night you stay in could be the night you were suppose to meet your future husband, and now someone else is going to marry him just because you stayed in, so you have to go out every single night..


Blind dates

Arrive into the restaurant, spot hideous guy. Know he is your blind date.. #FML..

Too much time to yourself


The stress of trying to get laid

You're out, you're getting frantic.. Where are the hot guys, how can I make this happen now so I can relax and enjoy the rest of my night?


The necessary grooming and expense

Bored mid-week

Maybe being in a relationship isn't so shit after all..


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