Are They Your Soulmate Or Are You Settling?

...Have you ever felt that moment though?... That moment that a whole relationship can rest on...It feels like your heart is bleeding-out and your breath has left with it... It can sneak up on a couple; Like on a drizzly Tuesday that falls after the Honeymoon Period. You look over at them and its either nothing or everything...  There they are, and you either wish they were or they weren't.

If you thought "That person is my soulmate" and you know they think the same about you, well then you're very lucky. Enjoy each other. Enjoy every laugh, every fight, every act of sex you perform with each other... You know you can expose your whole-self to them and that they won't flinch, not even a little. And that can be a scary thing to do, if you're not sure the person in front of you really is your soulmate. But when you are... It's one of the most powerful feelings.



Or, you could feel the other way: "They're good to me, they're a body to keep a body warm, and I don't want to break their heart... They're a good person" and that is a way of looking at it, but an unhealthy one. You're not saving them you see. You're just suffocating each other slowly. Settling has killed many a heart before they even knew what hit them. Its at this part where you want to do the right thing, but the right thing seems so hard to do, so you pull back from it... And you decide to stay. You convince yourself you're being good to them by staying. But your hearts already left, and they're left holding a ribcage. It sounds cynical, this idea of 'settling', because I honestly do believe it should be so much the 'other' way.


We all deserve a soulmate. I believe we all have one for us, but some of us just never find them, and that's a great tragedy. But surely a greater tragedy is staying with someone who clearly isn't yours. You're denying both of you the chance of finding who you're supposed to be with then. We all should have that one person who makes us feel 'whole', who brightens our soul whenever wee see them, who makes bad turn good. So when you next look at your boyfriend/girlfriend or whatever, and you don't feel like they are 'that important person' in your life, then start thinking about doing the right thing. Not 'settling' doesn't made you a bad person. Never think that it does. For, 'tis a nobler pursuit, that of the 'Soulmate'...


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