The Most Popular Time Of The Week For Sex According To New Study

It can be hard fitting sex into your busy life. We get it. It's not that you don't want to have it, of course you do! It's just that you want it to be more than just a quickie and that clever brain of yours gets the better of you and chooses sleep over sex.


So, when do most couples do the deed? Well- it's at the weekend of course! Nduuuuuh!


As featured in The Sun, IllicitEncounters.com found that out of the 1000 people surveyed, 42% do it on a Saturday and at around 10.24pm. Most people divulged that they'd rather it was closer to 5.35pm, as apparently that's when they're more aroused. But let's be honest, that time suits nobody.



Saturday was followed by Sunday (26%) and Friday (22%). Not surprisingly Monday was the least favourite day (another reason not to like them), and there was little difference between the other days.


Astoundingly, 45% of people actually schedule time for sex in their diaries and 60% would book time away in a hotel specifically to get some sexual healing.


Summer's also been named as the sexiest season (62%), followed by Winter (20%), then Spring (14%) and finally poor old Autumn (4%).


There you are now, you know roughly when everyone around you will be banging for the week ahead, so plan your calendar accordingly I suppose!

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