There Is A Tinder-For-Friends App That Will Help You Find A Few New Besties

We've all heard the whispers about 'tinder for friends' apps but to be honest, I hadn't seen any actual proof that an app like that existed. But how wrong I was!


Cue VINA, the app for those of us who have found our friend pool dwindling a little bit, be it due to friends moving countries (how dare they!), getting caught up in relationships, or finding that their job is taking up all of their time.


While a lot of people are focused on dating apps and glued to tinder trying to find a soulmate, there are a few of us that just really want to make some new friends and are finding it hard. It's a fact that as you get older, your friend group does diminish and it's absolutely shit!

Here's where VINA comes in. Created by two women who can relate to having to find new friends in a post college/twenty-something world, this app basically gives you a six question personality test to figure out the basics and then starts to match you with likeminded gals.



Co-founder and CEO Olivia June Poole told Fast Company, "It’s super easy to find a date on the Internet, but why isn’t it as easy to find a new friend? We built this app to solve for our own needs as women who have moved, traveled, changed careers, and shifted lifestyles and life stages. Through our adult lives we go a lot of places that our existing friendships don’t always support and it becomes time to expand our circles."


This might be the best thing since the actual tinder came into our lives. Hit me up if you're into pugs and eating an inordinate amount of chocolate!


Isabelle Riggins
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