Things Only Girls With Sisters Will Understand

Having a sister is basically like having a best friend who will never ever go away, which is a good thing (mostly!). If you grew up with a sister you probably spent a lot of time choreographing dance routines to the Spice Girls, stealing her clothes and ganging up on other family members.

Here are some more things that all sisters know to be true.

1. No topic is ever off limits

Your sister is the one person you can bring up a totally embarrassing bodily function that you're too scared to even Google. Ask her, she'll make you feel better and if you're lucky, will have gone through the same experience.

2. The protectiveness you feel over your sister is unreal

You hate her, she borrowed your good black jeans and you had a big fucking day today where you needed your good fucking black jeans. You storm around and bitch about her at lunch... Until one of your friends says something like 'Yeah, she's always doing stuff like that, she's kind of a selfish bitch', and the rage you feel is unparalleled. Get fucked, she's better than your lazy brother who's not funny and has a stupid mustache. Bitch.


Even as children you were prepared to beat the shit out of anyone who was mean to her

She might have been your uncool younger sister that pissed you off to no end but if anyone made fun of her it would be pistols at dawn.

3. You find it easier to shop for your sister than you do for yourself

Nah it's not really my style but do you know who that'd look great on...


4. With one look you and your sister can share a thousand thoughts

This usually at a wedding, family function or in the pub with some mutual friends... That guy walks in with his new girlfriend, you immediately catch each others eyes from across the room and share a disapproving eyebrow raise.

5. It often feels like you're ganging up on your parents

You're a team and you need to back each other up. What have they ever done for you anyway!?


6. Once you guys start laughing about something you'll keep going

And going

And going


Until one of you says...

This usually happens at the worst possible time, like during a speech at a wedding, or mass. Once you start, it really is close to impossible to stop. Just.don't.look.at.her.

7. Most of your conversations involve saying: "Remember that time...?"

...And a LOT of your best stories start with 'This one time, my sister and I...'


8. Your parents often call you by your sister's name and vice versa

'Mary, sophie, anna... YOU! Will you pass me that tea towel please'

9. Even if you don't talk all the time it's a known fact you guys love each other



10. Only in front of your sister do you let your true laughcome out: the snort/cackle/goat sound

11. Your sister is the ONLY person who will be honest with you when you ask: "Can I pull this off?"

12. You spent a big chunk of your childhood choreographing dance routines


5, 6, 7, 8... Right, left, up, now run... and catch me, finish on a spin and then a big dip... MUM DAD MUM DAD WE'RE READY TO PUT ON THE SHOW!

13. You genuinely thought you were the most talented sisters to have ever existed

'Yeah me and my sisters, we have a band and my uncle said we're the best singers he's ever heard ever in his life'

14. You still have a sister-only victory dance you whip out on special occasions e.g. when your parents agree to order pizza


15. The inside jokes between you guys are never ending

16. At one point or another you both thought the other was the 'smart' one

17. Now you're older you've comfortably settled into your 'types' and you're fine with that


18. Copying and being copied used to be the most infuriating thing in the world

19. Now you see that it's really flattering

20. Until they ask if they can borrow that new top you just bought...


You're just gona RUIN IT!

21. When you fight with each other things get pretty heated

She really brings out the absolute worst in you, and you her. Sometimes you can't even believe that something so harsh came out of your mouth.

22. Sometimes you wish they'd stop being so bloody annoying


Like seriously just piss off I'm busy. WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE.

23. However your undeniable bond always brings you back together

24. Who else are you going to laugh with when mum does something embarrassing?

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