Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Relationships have their ups and downs, sometimes you just need to give each other space. When you have an argument with your girlfriend you don't want things to escalate. Sometimes you just happen to say the wrong thing and it really sets her off. There are some things you should just never say to your girlfriend.

20) "You look fine"

If you're out with her buying clothes and she asks you how a dress looks on her, never say this. All she wants is a little bit of positive reinforcement about the way she looks. This is probably the worst thing you could say to her, you're not saying she looks good or bad.

19) "You're so like your mother"

The last thing she wants to hear from you is how like her mother she is. She is trying to steer clear of that distinction as much as she can. You might think that it's a compliment, but really it's not.


18) "You look different in the morning"

Yeah, she is fully aware of how she looks in the morning, you don't have to remind her. It's different for guys, they can just roll out of the bed in the morning comb their hair and they're done. It takes a bit longer for girls to get ready in the morning.

 17) " Your sister is a bitch"

If you don't particularly like one of her family members, for god sake don't say it to her. We all have our reservations about some members of the family, but we keep it to ourselves. You will be seeing a lot of them so you better get used to pretending to like them.


16) "Oh, is it that the time of the month"

If you are wondering why she is mad at you, don't bring her menstrual cycle into the conversation. Odds are that it actually is that time of the month, or she could just be really pissed off at you, either way never say this to her.

15) "You're not going to wear that, are you?"

Well, not anymore, she isn't, she doesn't need fashion advice from you , but she does value your opinion. You sound very controlling when you say something like that, so it's best to leave it out.


14) "No, honestly, she's just a friend"

Even if she has the smallest suspicion that you're seeing someone else, saying this will make it ten times worse. She knows most of your friends, so if she finds out you have been texting someone she doesn't know then she has a right to get mad.

13) "Have you thought about going on a diet?"

If she is talking about trying to lose weight, then maybe it's ok to say this , but if it's just out of the blue it's a terrible thing to say. You will make her insanely body conscious. Plus, more than likely she has tried loads of different diets anyway so there is no need to suggest it really.


12) "Maybe you should go for a run or something"

If you bring up how much she exercises you're going to have a bad time. You can always ask if she wants to go to the gym with you, you know, politely, but this is a step too far.

 11) "Ye, she's really cute"

If she asks you what you think about another girl it can feel like entrapment, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. If this is your answer it will make her insanely jealous. Say something  silly like "she's a handsome lady" instead of this one.


10) "Why do you wear so much make-up"

Guys don't really understand make-up, so it's better to just leave it out. We don't understand that a girl just doesn't wear make up for guys, but also for herself.

9) "Whatever"

If you're having an argument with your girlfriend, it's rude to come out with this one liner. In the most blunt possible way it shows her that you don't care.


8) "Oh, sorry I wasn't listening"

She was talking to you for the last twenty minutes and then you say this to her. She will instantly have a lesser opinion of you because of it. At least pretend you were listening!

7) "You're overreacting"

She knows why she is mad at you, saying this will only make it worse. Even though she might actually be overreacting, it's another thing to actually say it to her.


6) " Your friends are weird"

She knows that they're weird and that's why she likes them. You're not going to get on swimmingly with all of her friends, so just say something like "Your friends are really interesting" instead.

5) "It's a guy thing"

Don't be so patronising when you say it's something only guys will get. Guys aren't as complicated as girls so they will probably get your juvenile joke.


4) "Why are you so emotional"

She is a girl, she tends to get emotional from time to time, you've just got to learn to deal with it. Instead of asking her why she is being emotional, try and comfort her.

3) "My ex never did that"

Bringing up your ex is a no fly zone, to her it means you are still thinking about her and you do not need that in your life, trust me! Just focus on what you have, not what you had, and it will make you happier.


2) " Let's just agree to disagree"

You're basically saying I have lost interest in this argument , even though you were the one that actually started it. There are more polite ways of saying let's talk about something else.

1) "Make me a sandwich"

Even in the 1950's this would be seen as being extremely sexist, there is no way this would fly nowadays. You think you're being funny, but how funny is a slap in the face after you've said it?

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