This College Girl Used Snapchat To Find Her Crush- Look What Happened Next!

How many times have you noticed a hot guy and just let him walk away never to be seen again? I don't mean 'let him walk away' like you should trap him in a cage or get him in a headlock to force him to talk to you... No, just a bit of conversation, ideally ending with a number exchange. Because really, life is too short not to act on these things don't you think?


A student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison was definitely of this mindframe. Having seen a guy wearing a Vikings jersey on the UW geotag Snap story who caught her attention, she decided to act on impulse. She boldly called him out on her Snapchat hoping they could they meet up AND HE SNAPPED HER BACK wanting to meet up with her too!! I won't ruin the surprise but watch the video below to see what happened.. It's. So. Cute.



Video: UW Madison Snapchat Love Story

Credit: TheTab

College Times Staff
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