Tinder CEO Reveals What Profile Pics Get The Most Matches

Those familiar with Tinder know that there's only really a couple of kinds of profile picture; selfies, bathroom mirror selfies, and the group photos where you're always bitterly disappointed when you see who the one is you're meant to be swiping right to. Also those snapchat filter ones- that's not you, last time you checked were you a Lichtenstein painting or a crap imitation of Bob Marley? Your date won't appreciate that little ruse and unsurprisingly, it turns out you're going the wrong way about it if you're relying on these images to get you a relationship/sex or general interest from another.

Tinder's CEO Sean Rad explained at Advertising Week Europe how data suggests that showing your passions on your Tinder is the best bet to entice others to swipe right on you. Apparently when you're shown doing something you love like say travelling (No- not necessarily the you petting the drugged up baby tiger or elephant shot), or playing a sport- you come across FAR better.

So step away from the mirror and go live your life and stick pictures of you doing just this on Tinder! Hey presto- match city!! Be yourself and give an insight into your life and interests. What does a dimly lit pout really say about you? Naaahthin! ....Get ready to be INNUNDATED!


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Credit: Simple Pickup

College Times Staff
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