TV Lovers! Virgin Media Are Looking For People To Join A Panel Of TV Researchers!

TV Lovers! Virgin Media Are Looking For People To Join A Panel Of TV Researchers!

While the phrase 'dream job' may be a bit of a stretch in this situation, given that it in no way - and I simply can't stress this point enough - constitutes any form of employment, this certainly seems a cushty gig to occasionally be involved with.

Virgin Media, formerly TV3, are looking for people who live, breath and eat television. No they are not looking for you to appear in some harrowing medical documentary about how people subscribing to such a diet and lifestyle would survive, rather they are figuratively looking for such people.

...I mean they are literally looking for such people, when I said 'figuritive' I meant it in relation to people who live, breath and eat televisions. Virgin Media are genuinely looking for people to join a panel. I can only presume people that don't actually eat televisions either, as that would probably prove problematic.

At this point in proceedings here you may think that I've tied myself up in such a needlessly complex series of ill-thought out metaphors and, subsequent clarifications of same, that it would be easier to simply delete everything and start afresh. Well, unfortunately baby - if I may call you 'baby' - that is simply not how I roll. Instead, let's persist with this overly obtuse opening.

To cut to the chase, Virgin Media are looking for people to join a panel to help give feedback to them regarding the types of shows they produce and what types of programmes audiences want to see.

They are ideally looking for people with an immense passion for, and knowledge of, the broadcasting landscape in Ireland, but are happy for any and all applicants.

According to their website:


"If you would have time to answer a few short surveys each month on Virgin Media Television, our programming and even some of our future programming, we would love for you to join our Viewers Panel.

"Every time you complete a quick survey you will be automatically entered in to a draw to win some fantastic prizes, including tickets to some of this year's biggest gigs, shopping vouchers and much, much more."

If you would like to apply then click here.

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