The Ugly Truth About Being Single

Being single isn't all it's cracked up to be, when you have just come out of a relationship, you feel free, but after a while you start to get lonely. It gradually starts to take its toll and you suddenly feel like you want to be a relationship again for some strange reason. Here is the ugly truth about being single.

 18) Your expectations are way too high

You think that you're going to meet the perfect person someday and you just haven't found them. Nobody's perfect, so it's unrealistic to think that somewhere out there, there is that perfect person just for you. They have to tick all the right boxes, but sooner of later you'll find we all have flaws and that's what makes us human.

17) You would rather have a night in then go out socializing

It's gotten to the stage where you don't even really bother anymore. Too often you decided to spend a night in by yourself watching tv rather then going out and being with your friends. It's always a great chance to meet new people and even if it's just with your friends its better than being home alone.


16) Being jealous of all your friends in relationships

It started out with one of your friends being in a relationship and before you knew it most of your friends seem to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. You are happy for them at first, but soon they make you realise that you really need to be in a relationship.

15) You have accounts on nearly every dating website, but never use them

So you said you were going to really apply yourself and find someone online, but you have an account on Match.com and  Elite Singles and you've used them once and then completely gave up on them after meeting some serious creeps online.


14) You tend to over think interactions with people you like

So you're talking to someone you like and there being really receptive, you think that they're  into you. Odds are that they are just being nice and are like that to most people. You come away from the situation feeling like  this is the start of something.

13) One night stands are all too familiar to you

So anytime you do go out with your friends, you say that you want to "connect"  with someone. If that's the case I don't know why you are going to a club. Instead, you end up getting quite drunk and hooking up with someone, without even getting their name. Great way to connect with someone.


12) You still believe you will meet the right person on Tinder

It is definitely not the app that you will help you find the right person, you could have similar interest, but very few people actually have a meaningful relationship from tinder. There is a reason you have heard so many horror stories about tinder dates.

11) You always cry when you watch romantic comedies

They really are fairy tales and if dating was like what it is in romantic comedies, then we would all be in a relationship. Everyone knows how they end, so it makes it that much harder for you to watch them.


10) When you hear a love song on the radio you die a little inside

Just when you're actually thinking about something else other than how single you are, you hear a song on the radio that brings up all the bad memories of your last relationship. It's even worse when it's that song that you and your ex used to listen to.

9) Your phone seems to have more battery

When you're in a relationship with someone, you're constantly texting them and seeing how they are doing. When you're single you realize that you don't  get as much texts as you used to. It is kind of a pro, having more battery, but you do miss those texts you used to get at the end of the day.


8) You always end up being the third wheel

You try to get out of it, but sometimes you want to meet up with your friend and they conveniently bring their significant other with them. You say you don't mind, but really you just want to hang out with your friend and not see them always kissing each other.

7) You spontaneously decide to get a cat

It doesn't necessarily have to be a cat, it could be a dog, but you need some companion to have around the house. You wonder why you only decided to get one now, but for some reason it just felt right. Deep down, it's because they're the closest thing you have to having a boyfriend or girlfriend.


6)  You start to develop bad eating habits

You don't really care about what you eat, because there is no one there to judge you about your food choice. You order takeaway often because it's more convenient. You used to cook for two, but now it's always just you, a Chinese and a glass of wine.

5) You let yourself go

Being single means you are your own person and have no responsibility to act a certain way. You don't seem to care as much and you find yourself filling out a bit. You might not notice at first, but eventually you realize you've got to start working out again


4) Wearing sweatpants any chance you can

You get home and the first thing you do is change out of your clothes and get into sweatpants or whatever rags you wear at home. When you had a significant other you would dress up when you knew you were going to see them, now you have no obligation to do so.

3) You have actually taken dating advice from your mother

Your mother even recognizes that you have been single for too long and tries to give you some advice. You actually listen to them for once, and think it's good advice until you realise that no one sends letters anymore.


2) You don't leave the house on Valentines day

It's not so much that you are sick of all the ads on tv or the cards, it's the fact that it actually makes you realize how single you are. You remember how last year you had a romantic dinner, and now it's just you by yourself drowing your sorrows.

1) You have actually considered getting back with your ex

Through it all, you have actually considered getting back with your ex. Even after all the shit you went through with them and how much of an asshole they were. You will really just do anything to be in a relationship again.

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