The Ultimate Guide To Tinder

Tinder has opened up a whole new world of dating for many people. It's a great way to meet people, especially for people that don't get a chance to go out much. However there's still a lot of people out there that don't really know what to do with it beyond swiping, so here's a short list to making those first tentative steps.


1. Be Creative

"Hi" is a good way to start a conversation On Tinder however, it's pretty banal and isn't all that likely to get a reply. People on Tinder don't really take it seriously so you gotta show you're gonna make it fun for them.

2. Puns Puns Puns

Puns are a great way to break the ice. It's more fun than just saying 'hello', and it's makes you look witty to boost. Name puns are usually pretty good if you can think of a decent one, if not you'll have to work from their bio.


 3. Your Picture's Gotta Be You

Be confident and love the way you look. By that I mean putting up a picture of you and your model friends with no photos of just you gives the wrong idea. Realistically the vast majority of us are not models, and that's perfectly fine but show yourself, the people that match with you will actually have done it for you.



4. Take It Lightly


You always see pictures or stories being shared of someone that really can't take rejection. Nobody owes you a date for matching. If you don't get a reply, well, there's your answer and move on to the next one. Your profile doesn't get deleted when you delete the app either so it's possible they are just in another stage of 'delete, download when bored, delete, download when bored'.

5. Peacocking

Your first photo is all that the majority of people are gonna see. Tinder is made for boredom and you just swipe your way through a sea of faces but you rarely actually go into their profile unless you match. Choose your best photo and make sure it's your profile picture.

6.  Your Bio

Your bio is a great place to pick something to start a conversation with. Put a few jokes in your bio, a bit about yourself and your hobbies. Hint: People love food so say something about food.


7. Questions

People are more inclined to reply when it's about them because who doesn't like talking about themselves?

8. Don't Be A Creep

It's unfortunate that this has to be a point but don't be a fucking weirdo. Talk to people as people and not blow up dolls. Simple as.


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