You Can Now Play Matchmaker For Your Friends On Tinder

Ah Tinder; the playground of the twentysomething who just wants to find love and/or get laid. Unless you've been in a committed relationship for the past few years, you've more than likely been on tinder at least once. Some people love, some hate it, but everyone has used it!


Well Tinder have decide to up their online dating game. They are introducing a new 'share' option for profiles on Tinder. This basically means that if you're on tinder and you see someone you think your friend will like, you can link that profile to them in a message and they then have the chance to swipe right or left to their hearts content. You're basically playing matchmaker!

The only caveat is that the link will expire after 5 clicks or 72 hours, so there's a bit of a time crunch when you're linking your friend up. Don't worry if you're not a fan of the sharing option, everyone can opt out of it on their profile.



TBH, we're pretty excited about this development because there is no end to guys we see that we want to hook our friends up with!


Video: Dave Franco & Conan Join Tinder


Credit: Team Coco.

Isabelle Riggins

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