You'll Never Guess Who Kendall Jenner Is Dating Now

Kendall Jenner must be one of the most sought after women in the world. A natural beauty who just happens to be a supermodel? Yeah we get it.


Well after being spotted holidaying with Harry Styles over the winter break, things seem to have fizzled out. But she has now been spotted with the same guy a few times, and things might be getting a bit more serious.

Kendall and Chris Brown have been spotted having dinner in Paris while she was walking in Fashion Week. Brown is also a close friend of Tyga, Kylie's boyfriend, so we can see how the two would end up together.


Sources are saying that it's a friendship that is heading in the dating direction but we call bullshit. The two looked very loved up in France and we're intrigued to see where it goes.



Kendall's fans, however, are not impressed and are taking to twitter to express their anger.





We think everyone might need to calm down just a tad...


Video: We spend 5 minutes with Kendall Jenner - LOVE


Credit: LOVE Magazine.

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