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Here's How Students Not Receiving The SUSI Grant Can Apply For Financial Assistance

Here's How Students Not Receiving The SUSI Grant Can Apply For Financial Assistance

Next week most of Ireland's students will be returning to their college courses. With the cost of accommodation at an all-time high and daily costs a thorn in the side of students, college is difficult when students are not in receipt of the SUSI grant.

If you're one of the many students who won't be receiving a SUSI grant you can apply for the Student Assistance Fund. The fund helps students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

In order to be eligible for student assistance funding, a student must be participating in a course in a university, institute of technology or other approved college. The course must be at least a year long and the award must be between levels 6 - 10. A part-time course leading to a higher education award at level 6-10 of the national framework of qualifications will also be accepted.

Financial assistance cannot be provided to cover the cost of fees but for students who have difficulty covering expenses such as:

  • Books
  • Class materials
  • Rent
  • Heating/lighting bills
  • Food
  • Travel of an urgent or essential nature
  • Medical expenses, i.e. doctor or dental visits
  • Expenses associated with family breakdown
  • Expenses associated with bereavement
  • Expenses associated with accidents
  • Childcare
  • Compulsory study abroad

Not every college provides financial aid for students, so check whether yours does by clicking here.

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