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Instagram's Rolling Out A New Feature For College Students

Instagram's Rolling Out A New Feature For College Students

Back in 2004, Facebook was created for students to keep connected throughout college. Using the Facebook groups option, students could find out what's coming up on an exam, how to survive x, y, and z class or find the next big party.

Now, Facebook is hoping to transform Instagram - which Facebook bought in 2012 - into a key component of student life. Speaking at the launch of IGTV back in June, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed that Facebook will allow Instagram users the ability to form groups based on their college campus or course.

The new Instagram feature will allow college communities to connect with one another through "connect with other students", an option made available to you once you include the details of your college.

The option will be similar to Facebook's group feature and participating students can check out which students from their classes have opted into the community which will allow you to post multiple images and videos to a shared story.

Instagram will verify the student by using information people have publicly shared about their university, the accounts they follow and other connections they have.

Graduates can also participate in the discussion which means you can get invaluable advice from people who've survived the college experience. While Snapchat already has the option of group discussions and image sharing, Instagram is testing out the update with tools to report inappropriate usage.

The company is in the early phases of working on the update to verify the status of the person as a student or graduate of a college or university. It's likely the feature won't be available until early 2019.


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