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9 Student 'Essentials' That Are Ridiculously Expensive

9 Student 'Essentials' That Are Ridiculously Expensive

Do you ever walk through the supermarket and think, why is everything I need so goddamn expensive? Here's a list of all the pricey student essentials that you invariably have to cough up for.

1) Cereal:

We all know the Kellogg's Kartel has the cereal industry all sewn up. A 720g box of Corn Flakes costs €5.09. Over a fiver. It's basically orange carbon!

2) Drink:

No surprises here people. Sure, if you shop around the offies you'll get good deals, the problem arises when you're ordering from a pub. If I went to a bar today and was charged under a fiver for a pint, I'd nearly faint on the spot. And as well as that It's always a scuttery 20 or 30 cent more than a fiver, so goodbye to that lovely golden 50 euro note you were planning on not breaking.


3) Printing:

Sure, in isolation printing doesn't seem that expensive, but over the years think of every document you've had to print out. Then of course you have to spend about €30 on your thesis, which ends up only serving as a perverse monument to your undying ability to waffle.

4) Coffee:

Again, if you're happy having the knock off stuff fair play, but if you are something of a connoisseur of the roasted bean prepare to fork out. Nescafe Gold Blend Instant coffee will set you back €6.50. Going up to the real deal 1kg of Lavazza Qualita Rossa coffee beans will cost you 16 quid in Tesco. Tea, anyone?



5) Razors:

 If you don't want to draw blood every time you go to shave it's gonna cost you. Gillette Fusion Razor Blades 4 Pack costs a heady €14.50. Beard it is so.

6) Phone Repairs:


I defy you to find anyone that hasn't broken their smartphone screen at least once. I've seen people carry a broken smartphones for months, wearing it like some sort of stingy badge of honour. Expect it to cost you anything between 50 and 200 euro. Yikes.

7) Fancy Ice-Cream

The 'nice' ice cream. Your common or garden 'Loop The loops' and 'Choc Ices' will never break the bank, but once you get into the top shelf things get dear. 'Hagen Daas', 'Romantica' & 'Ben & Jerry's' all come in around the six to seven euro margin. Come on guys, it's frozen milk.

8) Toilet Tissue:

If you don't mind wiping your behind with sandpaper fear not, but if you respect your arse enough to buy decent bogroll you're in trouble. 16 rolls of 'Cushelle' will cost you nine euro. Daylight robbery.

9) Travel:

Travelling back to the homeland can be expensive depending on where your from. If you drive, you'll already be aware of how costly getting around under your own steam can be. But fear not, regardless of how much your plane, train or automobile costs remember, you can top up on the other 9 essentials when you ransack your parents gaffe the minute you're in the door. Thanks Mam!

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Eoin Lyons

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