DCU Will Officially Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms In 2017

DCU Will Officially Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms In 2017

What a great step into the future. It's just been announced that all DCU campuses will be equipped with gender-neutral bathrooms.

The university is calling the new toilets, 'Universal Access Bathrooms' and can be used by anyone including DCU's " trans* population". The post explaining the new bathrooms was put up on the DCU Student's Union Facebook page earlier on today:

The move, which was mandated by Class Rep Council in the 2015/16 Academic Term, is a huge step towards gender equality for everyone who studies at any of the DCU campuses.

Speaking to CollegeTimes, DCU Welfare Officer Cody Byrne explained, "We went with Universal Access Bathrooms because it's more inclusive of all minorities, irrespective of any bracket (gender, disability, ethnicity). He said, "It's important in the extent that, symbolically, DCU is an all-encompassing place that is here to support all of its students. Free from discrimination and that it really is a place to be yourself".


Many other colleges are already implementing gender neutral bathrooms, with WIT, NUIG and CIT already on board with making the change. It's a step forward in inclusiveness and acceptance amongst all students.

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