What Is Facebook Campus And How Does It Work?

What Is Facebook Campus And How Does It Work?

Facebook Campus is a new feature introduced by Facebook which acts as an online college campus.

Due to the tumultuous nature of 2020, campus life will be effected for at least the next two semesters. This means that students can't get to know their classmates, likeminded students or their school.

Facebook Campus, which is first being introduced into some colleges and universities in the US, is returning to Facebook's roots in being a college-only social media service.

How Does Facebook Campus Work?

Campus is an extension of the Facebook app, but it will allow you to create a completely separate profile that is strictly for college.

Only students with college emails can utilise the service, not regular Gmail or Hotmail will fly. Students will also need their graduation year when signing up.


Once those basic aspects are filled in, students can decorate their profile with information on their degree, interests and hometown.

From there, students can discover groups and events that are unique to their school, as well as being able to connect with people who have similar interests. Only people who have access to Campus can see the content on Campus.

The key features of the new extension are:

  • Campus-only News Feed
  • Campus directory
  • New ways to chat

Campus will be rolled out in a select amount of colleges and universities in the US over the coming weeks. This trial period will auger how students are navigating their new campus life, and whether the extension has aided their college life outside of their studies.

It is uncertain as to whether Facebook will have any plans to bring this feature further afield. Students are only allowed to interact with those in their school, rather than with everyone utilising Campus.


Regardless of whether the feature becomes a huge hit or not, this is the new normal, folks...

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