14 Real Struggles Of Being The 'Pretty' Girl

In life, we all go through difficult times and have to brave all types of weather that comes against us. We each have our own mountains to climb, be it after a breakup, during exams or just the general hardships life brings with it. But something that many people will never fully understand is the struggle us pretty girls face on a daily basis. No-one but us can understand just how tough our lives are because of our enviously fabulous faces. Here's a selection of the trials and tribulations every pretty girl goes through, so hopefully now you'll understand why we're so ignorant and bitchy all the time.

1) We're always the best looking in photos.

Because of how much our beauty enhances every photo we're in, naturally people want to use any pictures that feature us as their profile pictures. Even worse, some people abuse our friendship by having us in all of their Tinder pictures just to fool the other person. Sick minds.

2) All our friends want us to do their make-up.

Do you even appreciate how long it took me to put my face on? And now you want me to do yours, too? The cheek. I guess that's what happens when you're the best at something in life. I should really be charging for my services; I'd make a bomb. Ugh, why am I too kind and honest? #realstruggles

3) We get stared at on public transport all the time.

Men, women, dogs; it doesn't matter, there's always someone having a gawk. Maybe next time I'll wear a scarf to hide my face from public view. Then again, when beauty is that intense, it makes everything else transparent doesn't it? *sigh*

4) We have to scroll through hundreds of notifications every day on social media.

We get it, you all like our profile pictures and our statuses because pretty = automatic likes, right? Well maybe we're sick of getting 600+ likes on every God damn picture of us. Maybe sometimes just a comment would be enough. Did you not think about how your mouse click might be affecting us? Ignorant trolls.

5) Half of our town hates us for no apparent reason.

Y'all just hate me 'cause you ain't me.

6) Guys are too intimidated to chat us up in daylight.

So they wait until they're beyond intoxicated on a Thursday night at 2am to shuffle over and tell us they like our teeth. Umm, thanks?

7) Most people assume we're too pretty to be smart as well.

I mean, that just personally offends me. What makes you think we're bad at math just because our face is on point every day? How do you think we get such perfect symmetry in our brows? Duh.

8) We're constantly approached by modelling agencies.

I already told you I wasn't interested in working with Gigi, what don't you understand about that? Bring me Cara and we'll talk.

9) We're always the settler in every relationship.

When will a man come along that is just as gorgeous as us? It's hard living a life of "Okay, you'll do".

10) We have to acknowledge compliments all of the time.

It's so draining, you wouldn't even believe it.

11) If we don't use the #shameless hashtag before our selfies, we're arrogant bitches.

Maybe we just like the way we look and want hundreds of people to enjoy our aesthetically pleasing physique as well. That's called generosity, not arrogance. Get it right.

12) We have to pretend we're shocked when someone says we look beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, etc.

Who, me? No! You're only the thirty-fourth person to tell me that today, but thank you!

13) Our make-up takes a solid forty minutes every morning, which means getting up extra early.

Seriously, this is true martyrdom right here.

14) We could spend up to four hours walking around Brown Thomas.

And buy absolutely nothing at all. We might be gorgeous but we're broke as fuck.

Olivia Dawson
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Olivia is a Journalism and New Media student at the University of Limerick. As well as writing for College Times, she is also a contributor with Campus.ie and SpunOut.ie. After college Olivia hopes to write feature articles and/or opinion pieces for a New York magazine, from a penthouse suite in Manhattan, earning a six-figure annual salary. She's also known for being slightly over-ambitious.

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