Why Were Irish Kids So Obsessed With Inflatable Furniture In The 90s?

Why Were Irish Kids So Obsessed With Inflatable Furniture In The 90s?

Inflatable furniture was all the rage back in the late nineties, early noughties. Children and teenagers up and down the country begged anyone within a one-mile radius of a Poundshop, Claires or anywhere that sold them to buy you an inflatable piece of furniture.

The couch, one seater and stool came in an array of neon colours and nobody cared if they matched the interior of your bedroom. Although the furniture was originally made for lounging about in the pool, it didn't stop us from stocking up and blow up furniture swept the nation. Here are the 5 truths anyone with inflatable furniture will know to be true:

Initially, Owning A Blow Up Two Seater Was A Dream Come True

And Bare Skin Was A No Go

Your legs, arms and backside were likely to get glued to the plastic chair if any bare skin was exposed. Queue stumbling and body rolling off the plastic couches.

Feeling Like Storm From X-Men Was An Everyday Occurrence

The constant friction between your body and the blow-up plastic meant you were a walking lightning rod.


And The Inevitable Noise Was Woeful

Even though it might have felt like you were lying on a cloud, the inflatable furniture was the noisiest thing going. The squeaks of the plastic as you tried to roll off the furniture was pure and utter torture.

That Sinking Feeling Was Terrifying

A fallen knife or scratch from your cat meant the plastic chair was a walking time bomb that could deflate at any minute. You'd press your ear to the couch to try and find the dreaded opening, only after somebody helped to peel you off the floor. Did you really have inflatable furniture if it wasn't covered in duct tape?


But The Future Looks Bright

As I undertook this stroll down memory lane I was not expecting to find new versions of the inflatable chair. Now you can buy it lots of cool and funky ways that didn't exist in the neon era of the 90s.

Just Don't Take Your Inflatable Fetish Outside The Bedroom

Let's never forget the inflatable backpack. A stray sharp pencil made quick work of these colourful concepts.

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