6 Comedians You Don't Know But Should Be Watching

6 Comedians You Don't Know But Should Be Watching

Comedy is a very subjective business, from sitcom to stand up, whatever form it comes in it's always a majorly divisive subject. Luckily through social media and innumerable streaming services we are inundated with many forms of entertainment, most of which we never would've encountered before; but sometimes with so much information coming at us and no filter, we miss out on things.

Comedians are no different. Sure, we all know Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall, Sarah Millican and the dozens of other stand ups who seem to constantly frequent our screens. Here are 6 comedians you don't know but should be watching, just to broaden your horizons!

1. Mark Normand

Mark is a New York based comedian who has toured with and opened for Amy Schumer for years. He has appeared on Conan O' Brien, Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Inside Amy Schumer and his comedy album is on all good streaming and download platforms and is entitled "You've Still Got It". Mark's sharp brand of set up/punchline humour have seen him have a breakout year in 2017 with his own Comedy Central one hour special - "Don't Be yourself".

2. Greg Giraldo 


Unfortunately Greg Giraldo passed away back in 2010 but the legacy he left behind still lingers today. Greg was a Harvard educated lawyer who quit the profession to become a comedian and his intelligence is evident all the way through his act. His writing is incredible and his real life issues with addiction and never quite breaking through to the "big time" are woven throughout his bits. Giraldo achieved his biggest fame through the early Comedy Central Roasts but Giraldo was WAY more than a roast comic. His instincts alone made him such an amazing comedian, as can be seen in the clip above where he notices an audience member sleeping during his big Comedy Central taping. Both of his stand up albums "Good Day To Cross A River" and "Midlife Vices" are both available on Spotify or iTunes and are worthy listens as an intro to this wonderful comedian.

3. John Mulaney 


John Mulaney was a writer for legendary American comedy show Saturday Night Live but has really found his stride and broke out as a stand up after the release of his Comedy Central special "New In Town". Mulaney plays off of his wholesome appearance which lulls you into a false sense of security and when he tells stories of his past, where he is anything but wholesome - it slaps you around the head with its hilarity. Mulaney is a "clean comic" as well, he doesn't use language or any real adult language at all which is always extra impressive in somebody so funny. Mulaney's third special "The Comeback Kid" is on Netflix as is his Broadway show "Oh, Hello" with Nick Kroll. On top of all of that, John lends his voice to Netflix original cartoon series "Big Mouth" also.

4. Anthony Jeselnik

Anthony Jeselnik's dark brand of humour allowed him to carve his own position in the world of comedy. Jeselnik, who's off stage persona is nothing like the Bateman-esque figure he carves when he's "on", admits he was a big professional wrestling fan growing up and was always a fan of the bad guys. He seems himself as a "heel" comedian, saying things the "good guys" would never say. Jeselnik is a unique comic, who's most famous moment may now be his absolute demolition of US President Donald Trump during his Comedy Central Roast back in 2011. Anthony is the host of Last Comic on NBC in the US and, in my opinion, his debut comedy album "Shakespeare" is the perfect introduction to the cold blooded comic.

5. Rachel Feinstein 


Huffington Post's description of Rachel sums her act up fantastically - “the only comedian we’ve seen who can go from embodying her grandmother in one breath and a predatory guy on the street in the next and be equally convincing at both.” As an actress Rachel has appeared in Trainwreck, Steven Soderbergh's Amazon series RED OAKS and Judd Apatow's HBO comedy "Cashing". Rachel's most recent one hour special "Only Whores Wear Purple" was presented by Amy Schumer, whose show "Inside Amy Schumer" Rachel was a regular on.

6. Patrice O'Neal 

Patrice O'Neal was what is known in the industry as a "comic's comic". A comedian whom other comedians would wait to come on stage so they could watch and enjoy themselves. Obviously though having the respect of your peers, although a huge honour, doesn't always translate to monetary success (which is what this list is all about). Unfortunately O'Neal passed away in 2011 due to complications cause by diabetes, but he enjoyed a unique, storied career. Patrice's style centred around some written jokes but a lot of conversation with the audience which really drew you in to what he had to say. The late comic appeared on the US version of The Office, Chapelle's Show, he voiced a character in Grand Theft Auto IV and even was a writer for a brief time for professional wrestling company, WWE. His entire "Elephant In The Room" special is available on YouTube and there are few better ways to pass 1 hour and 17 seconds.

Tony Kelly

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