8 X Factor Contestants We All Loved But Forgot About

8 X Factor Contestants We All Loved But Forgot About

X Factor has been gracing our screens for a whopping 14 years. How old do you feel right now?! Even if you think you have no interest in the X Factor, you definitely watched silently at some point over those 14 years - don't lie. We all have our favourites. There was nothing quite like a Saturday night when you were 13 spent watching the X Factor with your parents. And of course, that week's superstar had to be on your flashbox video on bebo! Ahh, the good old days. But where have those well-loved stars gone? Here is a list of the most popular X Factor stars throughout the years that we've all simply forgotten about.

Eoghan Quigg

Ah the cute 15 year old from the North who stole all of our hearts with that little smirk in 2008.

Diana Vickers

2008 again, is there a reason we just put this year to the back of our minds? Probably.


Leon Jackson

Winner of X Factor 2007 who stole our hearts with his cover of Home by Michael Buble.


Cher Lloyd

Cher performed Soulja Boys 'Turn My Swag On' for her first audition in 2010 and over the rest of the season we just couldn't get enough of her and her swag.

Joe McElderry

Winner of 2009 X Factor. From his first audition the crowd loved him, the judges loved him and we loved him.


Same Difference

Possibly the cheesiest audition ever but you had to just love their enthusiasm. Kinda.


Frankie Cocozza

Overly confident but we did fall for him in 2011 all the same.


I don't know if we deliberately wiped 2010's Wagner from our memories, if so - I can only apologise for dredging those long suppressed memories back up.

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