X Factor 2018: Change In Judging Panel Set For Success Or Failure?

X Factor 2018: Change In Judging Panel Set For Success Or Failure?

Although its ratings have been drastically slipping for the last seven or eight years, the X Factor is yet again returning to our screens this year with more wannabes than ever before.

It seems Simon Cowell is desperate to bring it back to its former glory by shaking up the judging panel for the new series, but in my opinion, the show cannot be salvaged as numerous attempts have been made over the years to draw in more viewers, but the show continues to flop.

While I think the rejuvenation of the show is a lost cause, I respect Cowell's efforts to regain popularity. And while it will never be as successful as it was back in the day, the new season might see a rise in the amount of people tuning in due to the upgraded judging panel.

Louis Walsh has been given the chop (yet again), presumably due to the rumours that he filmed an ad for hearing aids earlier in the year. How can he pride himself in having an ear for music if he can't hear? Additionally, he's been on our screens since the series started in 2004, with only a one year break, and frankly we're all a bit sick of him. Cowell seems to have caught on at long last, and has replaced Walsh with a younger, fresher Louis for this series: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. This was probably a smart decision as production of the outdated show goes, as One Direction fans will be tempted to watch it, and doing away with the old Louis might help to draw in younger audiences in general.

Last year's panellists, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger have also been sacked, probably as part of the show's makeover. This was probably a wise decision as no one is really sure what Sharon Osbourne's presence in the music industry is, and similar to the Louis Walsh situation, to get young viewers, younger and more current faces are needed on the judging panel. So Simon Cowell has chosen Robbie Williams who has featured as both a guest performer and judge over the years to take one of these openings. Robbie Williams has a great sense of humour so he's sure to entertain the viewers, and he'll draw in more adult fans.


The final slot is being filled by none other than Ayda Williams, Robbie's wife. I can't say I completely understand this decision as she has no presence in the music industry herself, being an actress. Hopefully she'll bicker with her husband which will certainly bring to entertainment factor. Also someone has to represent women, so best of luck to her.

While I may be of the opinion that the show has run its course, it'll be interesting to see what comes of the new judging panel when the show returns at the end of the summer.

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Sarah McGee

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