A New Documentary Series With Louis Theroux Starts This Week

A New Documentary Series With Louis Theroux Starts This Week

A new Louis Theroux documentary series is set to burst onto our screens this week.

Given the litany of wonderful, weird, and engrossing topics that Louis Theroux has documented throughout his career, you would be forgiven for forgetting some of his most famous moments and subjects.

Ok, deep breath because who can forget the time when Louis met the born again Christians, UFO hunters, the subculture of swingers, neo-Nazis, porn stars, Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, the Westboro Baptist Church, and so much more.

Aside from this, the broadcaster has also documented issues like drug addiction, America's most dangerous criminals, euthanasia, prostitution, and more.

Well, in his new four-part series, Louis Theroux - Life On The Edge, the broadcaster will be re-examining some of his most famous features and subcultures.

As the synopsis states: "In the first episode of this career retrospective, Louis looks back at his earliest documentaries and explores how some people’s most fervent beliefs can bring them into conflict with mainstream society. From his Weird Weekends episodes on survivalists and UFOs to his now notorious documentary about the White Aryan Resistance in California (Louis and the Nazis), Louis has always been drawn to those whose beliefs seem unusual, confused or, in some cases, abhorrent."


In the first episode, Louis catches up with some of his previous contributors, including Mike Cain, who he first met in the mid-90s, having moved to the hills of Idaho and armed himself for what he saw as an inevitable war with the federal government.

Over 20 years later, Mike's views haven’t changed much – but in Donald Trump, he has a president who finally speaks to him. Elsewhere, Louis tracks down Lamb and Lynx, once members of the white nationalist pop group Prussian Blue.

The first episode of Louis Theroux - Life On The Edge starts at 9pm on BBC2 on Sunday, 6 September.

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