7 Arguments Your Family Definitely Had During The Snow

7 Arguments Your Family Definitely Had During The Snow

Storm Emma has really made her mark on the country and it's only today that things are starting to get back to normal. With a high number of the Irish population left stuck indoors over the past couple of days, cabin fever has well and truly kicked in. If you've been at home with your family, you may have suffered through a few of these rows.

1. Watch the milk

"Doesn't matter if we have 20 litres of milk, who knows when we'll be able to get to a shop again?"

You'd be in a sweat measuring the drop of milk you put into your tea. First world problems.

2. We don't need milk. We do need milk!

Same old story. The mother would stress out about running out of milk and if someone was to point out that 10 litres was enough for a family of three and there was no need to go to the shops, a major argument would break out.

3. Whoever is sent down the shops for supplies loses it


You wouldn't actually need anything in the shop but you'd go just to escape.

And boom! You're given a list as long as your arm for 'absolute essentials.'

"Your father loves a rasher for his breakfast. And make sure they're not smoked." Around eight bottles of wine were also classed as essentials.



4. Whoever wanted to leave the house was reprimanded

Regardless of the red weather alerts, there'd always be someone who would try to sneak out of the house to get some air. Your mother would be on them swiftly with a long list of reasons why no one was to venture out.

"I'll just stick my head out the window for some air sure."

"It's not safe!"



5. "Leave the news on"

Has anyone else lived in a bubble of news bulletins since the beast hit?

You:"Ma, can I watch..." The mother: "Sure would ya look, all those people stranded at the airport."

6. There's one person who refused to leave the house which pi**ed off a lot of people

Avoiding Storm Emma at all costs, it doesn't matter if there wasn't a drop of milk for the tea - this person would not stir out for love nor money. Every 20 mins they'd walk over to the window and say: "Jesus, it's worse it's getting."


Tension erupted when family members were sent out for 'a few messages' - it's also quite likely this person will have to be surgically removed from their pyjamas.


7. Help with the shovelling

Clean up has started - cue major rows over who's not pulling their weight.

"You've had the shovel in your hand for the last half hour and there's not a drop of snow on it."


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Niamh Burke

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