An Official Derry Girls Book Is Being Released In November!

An Official Derry Girls Book Is Being Released In November!

Throughout this lockdown period, we've all had our comforting entertainment to bring us through. One such programme is the incomparable Derry Girls, the Channel 4 comedy show detailing teenage life in Derry during the 1990s.

Lisa McGee's creation has been a hit in every capacity, from breaking records for comedy shows on Channel 4 to garnering a litany of award nominations. Now, the show will be seen in a different guise altogether.

An official Derry Girls book, written by McGee, is set for release in November. The book, names 'Erin's Diary', will detail the trials and tribulations of Erin Quinn as she goes through her life.

The synopsis of the book gives you an insight into what to expect:

Erin has troubles of her own, like the fact that the boy she’s in love with (actually in LOVE with) doesn’t know she exists.

Or that her Ma and Aunt Sarah make her include her weirdo cousin Orla in everything she does.

Or that head teacher Sister Michael refuses to acknowledge Erin as a literary genius.

Not to mention the fact that her second best friend has ALMOST had sex, whereas Erin’s never even kissed anyone yet.

These are Erin’s Troubles.


On the book, Lisa McGee said that she's thrilled that the book is complete and gave a small insight into what it entails.

“The book will reveal some new information about old events as well as some brand new antics from Erin and the gang.

"Hopefully it will keep fans laughing until series three hits the screen.”

Production of the third series of Derry Girls was originally meant to commence in spring this year, however, due to coronavirus, filming has been postponed until a later date.

The book is available to pre-order from Eason Ireland right here for €16.99.

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