Can You Guess The Celebrity That Wrote These Tweets?

Can You Guess The Celebrity That Wrote These Tweets?

The world of social media can often be removed from real life.

Being the director of your own narrative, you can attempt to create a perfect universe for yourself, even if it isn't necessarily the case.

Now, most of the time, it's just used for snooping around people's Instagram feeds and finding good memes, but it can be used for all sorts. Brands and celebrities utilise social media in order to sell us stuff for the most part, but sometimes, they allow their personalities to shine.

In the early days of Twitter, celebrities used the platform in much more banal ways. The newness of the network meant that no one knew what to say at the best of times. Those early days have led to some hilarious tweets, but can you tell us the famous celebrities that wrote some of these fine pieces of text.

Some of these tweets are rib-ticklers, some relatable, and some downright deranged. Can you get 10/10?


Play the quiz below:

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