17 Times A Dog Had A Better Hair Day Than Us Mere Mortals

17 Times A Dog Had A Better Hair Day Than Us Mere Mortals

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you just know you hair isn't going to co-operate. There's that piece at the back that won't sit down, your split ends look like they've been cut with a blunt blade, you can't find your inner zen and you then decide to give yourself a buzz cut . Thankfully, during those low points, our canine friends are here to make us feel at ease or, at least, jealous! Beautiful dog hair is actually a thing...

Here are 17 times a dog had better hair than you:


1).  Is that you... Mam?!

2). Working that blow dry


3). Rocking a 2 back and sides

4). Only a certain few can work a dread lock


5). Groomed for the Gods

6). Bow down bitches


7). "Does my hair look sexy pushed back?"

8). When you just got your hair blow dried and the wind outside takes your hair to another level


9). Owning the wet ends look

10). Schooling us all on how to use a scrunchy

11). This hun knows how to rock a top bun better than most

12). 'Cause a dog can work a bandana better than most


13). That 80's perm though

14). Post hairdresser feels


15). Volume is everything

16). That side parting is beautiful

17). 'Cause none of us, no matter how hard we try, can ever master this look



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Garret Farrell

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