Poll: Rank The Best Xtina Songs Of All Time

Poll: Rank The Best Xtina Songs Of All Time

Xtina is without a doubt one of the biggest voices from the late '90s and early noughties. Constantly compared to golden girl Britney, Christina's Stripped album turned her into an R'n'B and hip-hop powerhouse after her soft pop debut self-titled album also proved a critical and commercial success.

Why, on this here day, are we ranking Christina's biggest songs? Well, the Voice singer turned actress performed an impromptu gig in Dublin's 3 Arena last night and spent the night dancing away in Xico's to her very own tune 'Dirrty', many an Irish person's favourite song to perform on a packed dancefloor.

Released in 2002, over 16 years ago, the Stripped album was a massive one for millennials up and down the country so it's only right that we give this album the attention it deserves. Sadly, we did not include Xtina's latest albums or Stripped album numbers like 'Impossible' or 'Keep On Singin' My Song'. With numerous number ones to her name, which one of these tunes define Xtina's career? It's up to you to vote on the definitive ranking of Christina's biggest numbers:




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