Drive In Cinema To Screen The Harry Potter Films This Halloween

Drive In Cinema To Screen The Harry Potter Films This Halloween

Drive-in cinemas are essentially the PG answer to dogging, and if that hasn't sold you on the idea of drive-in cinemas, I don't know what will. Well a drive-in cinema, that proved immensely popular last year, is returning to Leopardstown Racecourse over the October Bank Holiday Weekend.

Retro Drive-In Movies are set to show the first three Harry Potter films on their screens over the weekend. As per drive in movies you can listen to the audio of the film through your cars speakers, so what better time to spend an unreasonable amount of money on that Pimp My Ride-esque extravagant overhaul of your car that you've been considering to install a gargantuan new speaker system (and, perhaps, a jacuzzi?).

And this won't just be any bog-standard outdoor cinematic event, no. These films will eb shown on the world's biggest outdoor LED screen, there will also be food and drink available at the event, but given that you'll be going, and staying in, your own car you can just as easily bring your own. Bring crisps, popcorn a roasted quail - whatever you feel like.


Tickets for the screening of these the first three Harry Potter films; the Philosopher's Stone; The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban, go on sale this Friday, August 10, and can be purchased here.

Smashing news, smashing news all round.

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Rory McNab

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