CAO Watch: Thousands Apply For New 'Bolloxology' Course In DCU

CAO Watch: Thousands Apply For New 'Bolloxology' Course In DCU

Secondary school students are applying in their droves for a new course in DCU that specialises in the art of talking bollocks.

The program of study was devised by one of the institutions main lecturers, Howard Taylor, and will be a four year bachelors degree course.

Taylor explains that the first year will be a ‘core’ year where students will be able to try their hand at different aspects of Bolloxology before settling on either Piss Artistry, Shite Talking, Advanced Bullshitting or Spoofery through the medium of Waffling.

Taylor believes that his BA in BS is a very viable option for prospective students:

Bullshitting is often a very undervalued skill, people don’t recognise it’s importance in regards to getting ahead in life, It can trump a good work ethic, job experience and even superior ability.

A lot of young people coming out of the Leaving Cert don’t know what they want to do, so this gives them the perfect platform to develop the necessary skills to bluff their way into their preferred occupation, once they figure out what that is.

Taylor also revealed to College Times that guest lecturers such as Eamon Dunphy, Bertie Ahern as well as Katie Hopkins are being lined up for the course which will be unrolled in September of next year.


The course which has 100 places is being inundated with CAO applications and Taylor revealed that prospective students are already trying to blag their way into the honours degree course:

Students are coming up to me and trying to talk their way into getting into the course which is admirable in itself, but I retain that the places will be awarded solely on their Leaving Cert results. There has been a lot of plámásing and lick-arsing going around but at the end of the day, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

CAO applications close on the 1st of February.

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Eoin Lyons

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