This Irish Student Bar Will Be Selling Buckfast Slushies From Today

This Irish Student Bar Will Be Selling Buckfast Slushies From Today

Photo Credit: DCU NuBar

Remember this date. September 26 2017. Future generations, when looking back through the annals of history, will use this as the new demarcation point between two bold eras in humanity. Forget B.C./ A.D. they have served us well, sure. Now we will divide humanity into two new distinct phases B.T.S.S.B.S.I.D.C.U. and A.T.S.S.B.S.I.D.C.U. or 'Before They Started Serving Buckfast Slushies In DCU' and 'After They Started Serving Buckfast Slushies In DCU'.

DCU's NuBar has announced that it is to start selling Buckfast Slushies today. They posted a photo, on their Facebook page, of what appears to be a relatively delicious looking drink, but what I can't help but feel will be something of an abomination.

There are some things that work by themselves, and Buckfast barely even falls into that category. And there are many more things that should never be made into slush puppies and Buckfast almost certainly falls into this category, along with beef wellingtons and DVD copies of The Poseidon Adventure, along with many more things.


However, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it is surprisingly delicious. But regardless, it is undoubtedly a recipe for a guaranteed whale of a time. It also seems there's fruit involved so at the very least you're getting one of your five a day out of the way. However I can't emphasise enough that you shouldn't take that as advice to have five of these to meet your fruity needs.

Who thinks the Buckie Slushie is a work of art or an utter travesty?

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Rory McNab

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