Ladies Don't Panic But Your Favourite Comedy Ever Has Landed On Netflix

Ladies Don't Panic But Your Favourite Comedy Ever Has Landed On Netflix

Bridesmaids is on Netflix, Bridesmaids is on Netflix!!

If you're hungover and on the edge with fear today, this recent addition to the streaming service might put a smile on your face. No scratch that, it will definitely put a smile on your face!


When the movie Bridesmaids burst onto the scene in 2011, it got everyone talking. The unique and exceptionally funny comedy about female rivalry and sisterhood was a breath of fresh hair and its co-writer Kristen Wiig shines in her role as the single thirty-something Annie who plays bridesmaid to her BFF while also struggling with her own personal failures.


As the competition hots up with Helen, another bridesmaid, in a bid to prove who's better friends with the bride, the audience are treated to some hilarious scenes.

Now that Bridesmaids is on Netflix, you've no excuses if you haven't already seen it. So many moments in the movie will have you doubled over in laughter. Personal favourites are the food poisoning scene and when Annie goes on pill and drink induced bender on the aeroplane.

Also you'll want to punch Annie's boss-with-benefits Ted on numerous occasions.

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Niamh Burke

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