9 Classic Outfits You Would Always See During Colours Day At School

9 Classic Outfits You Would Always See During Colours Day At School

To the majority of Irish kids who had to wear a uniform to school, 'colours day' would strike fear into the heart of every student. You had to leave the comfort of wearing your rotten navy socks and venture into the unknown.

There was the unbelievable stress of picking an outfit that wasn't too try hard but not too rotten, the fear of being judged and the general nauseating outfits repeated every single year. Let's take a trip down memory lane and remember the outfits you would undoubtedly see during colours day.


1. The group of girls all wearing Juicy or Victoria Secret tracksuits

Complete with disappointing stares and a Paul's Boutique bag.

2. The lad wearing a GAA jersey


Any chance to whip it out is good enough for him.

3. The one kid wearing their uniform

Because they didn't want to pay the €2...

4. The girl wearing a mini-skirt, full tan and make-up and carrying a toy poodle


They probably drove to school in their new mini Cooper.


5. The emo kid dressed in all black with chains falling out of their pockets

What were they thinking?


6. The nerd wearing a shirt, black high-waisted trousers and Asics

This person was more than likely dressed by their Mam, bless.

7. The posh lad wearing head-to-toe Hollister

Complete with popped collar and frosted tips.


8. The stoner wearing baggy trousers and a Bob Marley t-shirt

The teacher's suspicions were rightly confirmed.

9. The group of lads all wearing the same thing in various colours

These lads all put on a bit of a rough accent, played football, had the same haircut and didn't 'give a shite' about school – legends.


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Ciara Finnegan

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