Derry Girls Premiered Last Night With 'The Best Episode Yet'

Derry Girls Premiered Last Night With 'The Best Episode Yet'

The Derry Girls are officially back in town with the season we've all been waiting months for.

Season two of the already infamous Derry Girls premiered last night, and all the girls (and lad) attended along with a few very lucky fans who got to see the first two episodes of the season.

My first question is - How did they get chosen to be at the premiere? Was there a draw I missed? Where do I apply?

For those of us who weren't lucky enough to be at the low-key premiere in Derry last night, we'll have to wait another two weeks at least until we can see it for ourselves.

The writer Lisa McGee has hinted at a third season being in question if all goes well for the second.

The gang showed up last night to snap a few photos and do a few interviews, teasing us with the dramatics of the new season, giving us snippets of what the girls will be getting up to.

Saoirse-Monica Jackson told the BBC that this season is a lot funnier (if that was even possible?), and that they've been a lot bolder this season. She talked about how in the first episode will see the girls meeting Protestant boys "which makes it very interesting for each of the characters."


Saoirse told UTV that "It's definitely bigger and braver. It's bolder and we sort of venture out a bit more. But they're still the same characters, they're clumsily trying to find their way through their teenage years. They're selfish and mental!"

Derry Girls writer, Lisa McGee said, "It's against the backdrop of the beginnings of the peace process this time, but the gang are still getting in a lot of trouble and still trying to grow up, not very successfully."


One of the first two episodes has been dubbed as 'the best episode so far' by fans, who've called it 'amazeballs'.

Everyone looked great at the premiere last night in Omniplex Cinema in Derry, will only a handful of fans being invited to catch the first glimpse of the second season. Lucky Ducks!

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