11 Reasons You And Your BFF Should Visit Vienna

11 Reasons You And Your BFF Should Visit Vienna

One city that's often overlooked is the beautiful Vienna, the capital of Austria. Not only does Austria's multi-climate facilitate both skiing and basking glorious sunshine, Vienna is packed to the brim with student nightlife, European culture, and stunning views. Here are 11 reasons to visit Vienna

1. Student vibes

One of the most popular student cities in Europe, Vienna has bundles of student deals and cheap accommodation. If you're planning to do things on the cheap, don't worry. There's plenty to do outside that's 100% free.

If you're searching for a unique night out, check out the Cabaret Fledermaus which hosts a nightly cabaret act and caters to music genres from indie to dance.

2. Ice World


During the winter months, Vienna's outdoor park includes a giant ice rink that's the perfect place to live out your Frozen dreams.

3. Hundertwasser House

One of the most important buildings in Austria, Hundertwasser haus is architecturally unique and cannot be missed during your stroll around the city.


4. Coffee and Food

If you're obsessed with the ground bean then you'll love the thousands of coffee houses dotted around Vienna. Treat yourself to coffee in the glam Café Central Wien or the hipster and contemporary style coffee shops like Süssmund Kaffeebar and Zweitbester.

5. Freud and Klimt


Most literature and entertainment from the 21st century has referenced psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in some way. Take a trip to the Sigmund Freud Museum or visit the Klimt paintings, some of the most controversial paintings in the world. Some of Klimt's painting can be found in Secession, the modern art museum or Belvedere.

6. Belvedere Vienna

Not only does the Belvedere host Klimt's work, the stunning grounds of the palace will make you feel like you've walked into a fairytale.

7. Vienna Mozart Concert

If you're planning on blowing the budget and treating yourself, try Vienna's Mozart Concert. It's almost impossible to hear classical music live and with a cheaper student rate, it's not something you should miss out on.


8. Danube Island

The Danube island is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours before dinner. The island has the Donauturm, a tower that allows you to see all of Vienna. If you're looking for something to get the heart rate going, there's a trampoline center located right in the heart of the park.

9. Travel Shack and Jazzland


If you fancy a few casual drinks but want to experience the nightlife of Vienna, check out Travel Shack and Jazzland. Travel Shack is the number one student spot in Vienna and full of students from all over the world. With a bar that's covered in forgotten bras, you never know what you'll find.

If you're looking for a live music fix that isn't going to break the bank, Jazzland opens 7pm - 12am and has live jazz music every night.

10. The Prater

While you're visiting The Prater, Vienna's amusement park, take a ride on one of the oldest and tallest Ferris wheels in Europe.


11. Magical Markets

All year around Vienna hosts wonderful markets but during the winter months its Christmas markets are out of this world.

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