Derry Girls Mural To Be Painted In Heart Of Derry City

Derry Girls Mural To Be Painted In Heart Of Derry City

After the huge success of season one, and the release of the show on Netflix, Derry Girls has become a huge hit all across the world. Now the second season is set to be released and it has been decided to erect a mural in honour of this hilarious group in the center of Derry.

The second season will bring all the girls (and boy) back, seeing them getting into all kinds of trouble, showing what it was like growing up in the North during the 90s, showcasing Derry in the midst of the Troubles.

The writers of the show had said that they are toying with the idea for the girls to have love interests in season two, and for James to join a band.

The entire original cast will be gracing our screens once again, as well as having Nadine Coyle rumoured for an appearance. You may remember her from such lines as "Where's my passport?", and "Fluurrr".. oh and also she was in Girls Aloud.

The girls are now being immortalised in the heart of Derry city, with a mural being painted to celebrate the coming of the second season. It will mirror the mischief and humour of the group, being developed by Channel 4's creative agency with the help of not-for-profit social enterprise group, UV Arts.


It's also interesting to note that Derry Girls has become the most watched show in the North. EVER. If you still haven't watched Derry Girls, well first of all "Where have you been?!" and secondly you'll be happy to know that all of season one is available to binge-watch on Netflix or as a boxset on Four on Demand.

We're counting down the days for season two to arrive back on our screens.

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Grainne Sharkey

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