The Cool Early 00s Irish Kid Starter Pack

The Cool Early 00s Irish Kid Starter Pack

What a time to be alive. The early 00s in Ireland can be summed up in a few pictures. It was a simpler time where gel bands, studded belts and Juicy Couture tracksuits were the making of a cool Irish kid.

Get ready to weep with nostalgia at some of fashion choices, accessories and games that were the epitome of cool in early 00s Ireland.

1. An Abercrombie hoodie from America

Any relatives going to New York would be hounded.

2. Frosted tips


Literally every cool lad had frosted tips.

3. A studded belt

Preferably coloured, the brighter, the better.

4. Jelly bands


You wouldn't be caught dead without layers of jelly bands up your arm.

5. Juicy Couture tracksuit bottoms

The HACK of these. Everyone who was anyone would rock these with a white string top from Penneys.


6. Parachute pants

This was a low point, they make everyone look overweight.

7. A Motorola Razr

Flipping this open with one hand was the THING to do.


8. A Roxy schoolbag


9. Maybelline dream matte mousse

This made your skin crusty as hell.



10. A pair of Cantos

Extra brownie points if you personally highlighted them.


11. A Hollister shirt


12. Miss Sporty lipgloss

It would have to be re-applied every 20 minutes...



13. An iPod mini

14. DC skater shoes


These chunky shoes showed everyone else you skated or liked to look like you've had an allergic reaction. Either way, they were the epitome of cool.

15. Crimped hair

Pretty self-explanatory.


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Ciara Finnegan

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