First Dates Ireland Had On An Enda Kenny Lookalike And The Internet Went Nuts

First Dates Ireland Had On An Enda Kenny Lookalike And The Internet Went Nuts

The show that gives us all the cringe feels came back with a bang last night. First Dates Ireland season three proved just as popular as ever with social media users. The Irish daters were your usual mixed bag of disappointments, eye rolls and surprising romance.

The talk of the night was an Enda Kenny lookalike, and soundalike, whose date ended in disappointment. Jackie was convinced that Joey (Enda) was definitely shorter than her but we're not convinced:


Twitter users couldn't help but compare Joey and Jackie's date to a Dail party:

This is what it’d look like if Enda Kenny got Mary Lou drunk at the Dail Christmas party #FirstDatesIRL pic.twitter.com/acspATzera


— Eamon Lowe (@EamonLowe) January 9, 2018


Fans of the show are questioning whether the age limit needs to rise as they found young people on First Dates 'narcissistic' and spoilt:


And people are clapping back:


The old age debate of whether men or women should pay the bill was brought up by dater Amy who wasn't impressed that Bill wanted to split the bill after she suggested the idea:

The majority of people felt that splitting the bill is the safest bet and thought Amy's was overreacting, especially when Bill did offer to pay the whole amount:


And the episode included what people were calling the worst date ever to appear on the show with Leigh and Samuel. The date began with this:


And moved on to discussing what their initial impressions were of each other, which never ends well:

The date ended with both of the lads trying their best to get out of the date and it's truly cringe-worthy stuff.


Nobody was happy.

That's enough cringe-worthiness for one day.

First Dates Ireland will air on RTÉ2 from 9.30 on Tuesday nights.

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