The 9 Types Of People In Every Single Whatsapp Group

The 9 Types Of People In Every Single Whatsapp Group

I think everyone in Ireland has a Whatsapp group of some kind. It's the prime source of communication for young people these days and where most of us spend our time chatting.

Everyone has a family chat, work chat, friend chat - they're literally never ending. However, one thing you'll find is that the same type of people emerge in every single chat. Some of these include; the ghost, the meme person and even the over-sharer.

Let's see what type of person you are, eh?

1. The meme person

This member of the group posts nothing but memes. Even if someone asks them a direct question they won't reply, but as soon as they see a funny meme from even the dark corners of the internet, they feel compelled to share.

2. The ghost


This person watches and sees everything the active members of the group are doing but never dare to post for themselves. Also known as 'the lurker.'

3. The randomer

This person isn't a close friend and was drunkenly added in by a member of the group. You've never met them before and don't even know their second name.

4. The replier

This person feels compelled to reply to absolutely everything anyone ever says. They're also know as 'the wreck the head.'


5. The over-sharer

This person will tell you everything about their life. This includes pictures of what they've eaten today, detailed descriptions of boys they like and more than likely naked pictures.

6. The question asker

This person prefers to ask questions in the Whatsapp group instead of googling them. They will irritate you like nothing else.

7. The creepy guy


This person was randomly added in as well, and enjoys sending photos of half-naked women for a laugh.

8. The 'haha' person

The 'haha' person will never contribute anything to the conversation other than a 'haha'. Sometimes they might venture into 'that's gas' territory but never any further.

9. Finally...the person who keeps leaving

This person has either lost their phone so many times they have to keep getting added back in, or else have some sass and keep leaving.


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Ciara Finnegan

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