Facebook And Instagram Outage Meant People Had To Speak To Families

Facebook And Instagram Outage Meant People Had To Speak To Families

Yesterday the unthinkable happened, Facebook and Instagram users lost access to the social media applications across the globe due to an outage.


To help resolve the pandemonium that occurred as a result of this outage, Facebook took to their competitor's site Twitter to assure users that they were working to resolve the issue.

The reason for the outage is still unknown, however, Facebook has assured us that the issue is not related to a DDoS attack.


People globally faced the dilemma of "What to do without Social Media!?". Many even went as far as putting their phones away and rejoined their families to exchange conversations and storytelling just like back in the day. People came around this new way of life and even found that spending time with family actually quite nice.

This new found appreciation for family was short-lived. As of this morning, Instagram is back but there are some parts of the globe where Facebook and WhatsApp are still down. Normality has been restored and those brief hours when people spoke to their families are but a distant memory.


Facebook users are staying on the side of caution this morning and reflecting on the madness that occurred. Many have communicated to primarily complete strangers that they are safe having survived the what will be forever known as "The Crash of the 13th March".

Take some learnings from this experience. Allow for some phone free time and communicate with your loved ones. I'm sure the appreciated speaking to you without having one eye on the phone or taking a random selfie mid-conversation.

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Deirdre Kelly

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