Fictional Film & TV Moments I Still Haven't Gotten Over


Everything about Toy Story 3


Don't get me wrong, an excellent, excellent film by Pixar but it played with my emotions far too much. Both my inner child and I sobbed numerous times throughout and although I am well aware that a top notch film is supposed to bring you on an emotional rollercoaster, I just can't forget the sadness I felt at the end when all the toys were looking at each other, about to go into the furnace, holding hands. Too many feels Pixar. Too. Many. Feels.


Charlie Dying In Lost


Although Desmond pretty much told Charlie that he was going to have to die so that Clare and the baby could be saved and we all love him because he loved Clare so unconditionally yeah yeah yeah but this straight up did not need to happen. There was plenty of time to get out of the room and close the door. He could have found another way to save all three of them. However it did make him one of the greatest fictional martyrs of love of all time. 'NOT PENNY'S BOAT'...


The Cartoon 'Arthur' In General


I used to love this show with all my heart when I was younger, as in used to get up early to watch it before school kind of loved it. But as the years went on and I thought back to it, it just wasn't realistic AT ALL. I guess that's what makes it an acceptable children's show, but still. Firstly, for those of you who spent your childhood thinking Arthur was a bear or a similar animal, you are wrong. Arthur is an aardvark. AN AARDVARK. For those unfamiliar with what an aardvark looks like, let me compare the two:


I personally don't see it at all. Secondly, both Muffy and Francine are orangutans. Was there really any need for two orangutans in one group of friends? Where's the diversity? And finally, does anyone notice a problem with this image of Buster:

Absolutely dynamite theme song though...


Dr.Cox Thinking His Brother-In-Law Ben Was Still Alive


Although Scrubs is dubbed a comedy, this article addresses two separate moments of the show that had a profound affect on me, the first being the 14th episode of season 3. This episode is actually really cleverly done if you know what is coming at the end and pay close attention. Joshua Radin's 'Winter' is also the perfect touch. At the beginning of the episode Jordan's brother/ Dr.Cox's best friend Ben comes back for Jack's birthday. After beating Leukemia and traveling the world to celebrate, he has failed to see any doctors to make sure the cancer hasn't come back. Although JD is busy trying to figure out why an elderly patient of his has an irregular heartbeat, he is intrusted with looking after Ben. Later JD tells Dr.Cox that 20 minutes after he left, 'he' went into cardiac arrest. Ben follows Dr.Cox around for the next few days but by the end we realize who it was that actually went into cardiac arrest...


The Most Perfect Ending That Wasn't Actually An Ending


Again I think it's the music that really gets people here, Peter Gabriel - The Book of Love. This is how season 8 of Scrubs finished and what would have been a fantastic finale had they not ruined it by making a useless 9th season:


Why In The World Sabrina Left The Pleasure Dome


Like I get that she missed her aunts and Salem and everyone else, but in The Pleasure Dome she got to make her own video to 'Shake Your Whammy Fanny' AND there was The Hall of Gratuitous Praise. I would have at least stayed a couple more days.



When Kel Didn't Get To Give Kenan His Going-Away Present



I have searched high and low for an image that portrays the devastating moment when Kel goes back to Kenan's house with a huge going-away present for him, only to realize that he's too late and they've already moved, AND I CAN NOT FIND ONE ANYWHERE. This fictional moment was too emotionally scarring for me to leave out even if I have no relevant image for it.

And the one that truly cut me the deepest.....

Zack & Kelly Breaking Up


This may have happened over 22 years ago (I know) but I still think about it on a regular basis. The lesson here is; never get a job, then you won't get seduced by an older man, you won't make Zack Morris cry and you won't break the hearts of millions of pre-teens all over the world. That setting, that music, that emotion.

Claire Kelly

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