People Are Swooning Over The Sensual Upgrade Of Captain Birds Eye

People Are Swooning Over The Sensual Upgrade Of Captain Birds Eye

When you think of Captain Birds Eye, what words spring to mind? Childhood nostalgia, elderly seafarer... beefcake? That may be so after you see Birds Eye's new choice to play their iconic sea captain.

The new role of Captain Birds Eye has been taken over by Italian actor Riccardo Acerbi, after a "rigorous audition process" where the seafood company were impressed by the 56-year-old's "genuine approach to portraying the captain and his love of the sea". Fair play to him.

They claim the new captain has "an affinity for water sports including sailing and canoeing"  which will give him "necessary seafaring qualities required by the Captain." Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Check out Acerbi in the role below:

He replaces British actor Mark Fletcher who took over in 2017 after he himself replaced fishery worker Mitch Commins, who took on the role aged 68, in 2016.

Viewers of the new ad were taken aback by the Captain's sultry new look:


Cameron Moffat suddenly got a hunger on her after seeing the Italian:


Guy Pewsey is prepared to go to extreme lengths to get the attention of the silver fox:


While we're on the subject, what other fictional icons could do with a makeover? Santa with a six-pack? A lean Michelin man? A behind the make-up look at Ronald McDonald? Answers on a postcard.

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