Five Instagram Accounts Every Queen Should Follow In 2018

Five Instagram Accounts Every Queen Should Follow In 2018

Move over Snapchat, Instagram is our new bae. Start your year off right by following people who'll make your belly laugh rather than tell you to lose that belly - work! Here are five Instagram accounts every woman should follow in 2018:

1. @Dublin_Girlo

If you're from Dublin, hell if you're from anywhere, you'll relate to Dublin Girlo and her daily banter.

2. @Betches

Betches is every Queens daily bible and you'll howl over how relatable their posts are.

3. @Nerdswithvaginas

It doesn't matter who you are, @nerdswithvaginas represents everyone.


4. @joegunn90

Joe is every girl's BFF. He knows his audiences and he's one of the first to hilariously react to pop cultural moments.

5. @Jstlbby

One of our favourites, @jstlbby preaches good vibes through her megaphone and isn't afraid to let you know that YOU-ARE-GREAT. Her pep talks are both hilarious and inspiring and we can't wait for more throughout 2018.

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Garret Farrell

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