Game Of Thrones: A Newbie's Guide

Look, at this stage it’s fair to say Game of Thrones has taken over the world of television. I’ll be honest, I was never THAT interested in it at all. I would watch shows like The Hills (classic basic bitch I know). I didn’t want my innocent brain to be tainted by dragons, incest and blood. I bit the bullet though, it only took me 7 billion years to do so. Firstly, wow. I know I’m going to sound super cliché here but serioulsy, you have to watch at least one episode, it really is enthralling to watch.

So let me help you explore the beautiful confusing world of Game of Thrones. After all, "In the Game Of Thrones you win or you die” or in this case, you’ll love it or hate it. I can’t force you and I’m not here to deem it THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION THAT EVER EXISTED. I’m just here to advise you and tell you all what I had prejudged, if you will. Hopefully I can help those of you who have been putting it off start your journey, winter is coming … (now you have to watch it).

1. Prepare Yourself

Ok so you all probably know that GoT is all about the dragons, the queens, the kings and the blood. However, it’s pretty much like the EastEnders of the medieval era, I mean, the drama. 7 kingdoms and there's beef between every single one of them. In case you didn't already know (promise I'm not spoiling anything for you, merely trying to help you relate) GoT is pretty much all fantasy based and if you didn't already know that at least, well shit. If queens and dragons don’t tickle your fancy and you’re not even willing to give it a chance then fair enough but, if like me you’re curious then don’t be afraid little one, sit back, relax and let George R.R Martin rock your world. OH YES AND PREPARE YOURSELF to literally give up your social life. Trust me.

2. Listen, And Listen Carefully

As I said you should know by now considering advertising is EVERYWHERE the theme GoT is based on. Anyway, the language as it’s definitely a different era, is a little tricky so there will be questions. I still find it hard to understand the language sometimes myself so my advice, LISTEN, PAUSE, RETURN. Once you get the names of everyone though, it’s pretty much plane sailing but keep in mind, there are A LOT of names to remember.




3. Don't be Afraid to Cry

I’m still on series one so if some of you are reading this and on the latest series or books even, please be gentle. I’ve already seen some horrific scenes and believe me, they don’t hold back. Some scenes were very hard to watch and not even because it was a bloody fight scene but because of the emotion shown by each and every one of the actors, it’s amazing and don’t be afraid to just let it all out.


4. Don't get Frustrated

If you find yourself getting frustrated over the fact that they all talk funny or maybe you’re going nuts over the fact there are so many storylines and characters to keep track of? Please remain calm. The best thing about being a newbie is the fact that you can watch all of Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Even if you don’t understand something, the chances of someone you know knowing what you’re on about is very likely thus, your issue being resolved. *Pro tip: If some of your mates are already on series 6 (the latest one) then don't let them spoil it for you and DON'T. LOOK. UP. SPOILERS. In fact, don't look up anything GoT related, you have to remember you're starting from the very beginning so even if you're unsure of someone's name and you want to Google that character, boom, that character could be dead or something so what's the point? Just don't do it.

5. Have a Genuine Interest

I mean, if you don’t have an interest then don’t watch it (but do). To be honest, I never had a great interest in the series myself but the facts are it’s everywhere, people are constantly talking about it, and it’s now one of the most watched series ever?! But just because everyone else is watching it doesn’t mean you have to too, but if you start watching it just for the sake of it then please trust me, you will lose interest quickly. But hopefully my lovely advice will inspire all your little GoT virgin brains (that's about the only 'virgin' reference you will hear being even remotely relatable to the show, it gets bad. Tits everywhere) and you will watch and love it and thank me.



Video: What It’s Like To Not Watch 'Game Of Thrones'



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