11 Life Lessons Game of Thrones Has Taught Me

Game of Thrones is set in a world where dragons roam free and there are like badass ice zombies running around killing motherfuckas. And most would think that with all this mystical shit going on that a show as fantasy based as this may have no bearing in the real world...those people would be considered by me very silly. If you really analyse the show, Game of Thrones can teach you a lot about the world we live in and how to navigate it.

1. Be Careful Who You Invite To Your Wedding

If there's one thing that GOT's has taught me about wedding is that they are extremely stressful occasions. Don't add to that stress by inviting people you don't like just to be polite. They may not poison or assassinate you but...what if they drink the free bar dry? Yeah, you've been warned.

2. Be True To Who You Are

The happiest and most successful people in Game of Thrones are those who are true they really are. Take Tyrion Lannister for example, despite his supposed defect he wears all his flaws as if they were a suit of armour.

3. Animals are Scary AF


Don't look at me like I'm weirdo because I'm reluctant to touch your dog, I mean have you seen the shit direwolves have done on GOT's?!! nah fuck that, better keep your pet lizard away from me too.

4. Be Careful Who You Trust

Seriously people are evil as fuck, and will sell you out if it furthers their own goal. Your allies can become your mortal enemies in the blink of an eye... just don't get them your Netflix password okay?

5. Don't Go Hunting

Never go hunting, whether it be hunting for two escaped stark boys or wild boars...because the universe has a sick sense of humour and you may be the one getting hunted next.




6. Incest Ain't Cool

In all fairness I kinda hope that you all knew this one beforehand, and if you were even considering it(gross) imagine your son came out like that dickhead don't want that do you?


7. The World Can Be a Harsh Place

It doesn't matter what kinda person you are, you can be honourable, honest and just a generally all round sound bloke but could end up with your head lopped off regardless. NED NOOOOOO!!

8. People In Cities Suck

People in cities suck and look down on those from urban areas, but ya'll just evil and cruel and have really ugly chairs made of it honestly looks like the most uncomfortable thing ever.

9. Make Things Happen


Don't pull a Jorah and wait for destiny to align the stars and provide you with a miracle, NO! you go out and you make your own damn destiny.

10. Girls Are Badass

I mean the women in this show are a bunch of bad mo-fo's. Like they will honestly fuck your whole life up then get their dragons to burn you to death. These are not the people you cheat on, these  are not the people you even trifle with and believe me I have met women in the real world who fit this exact description...

11. Everyone Has Different Faces

Much like the disciples of the 'Many Faced God', people can be very different to who you think they are, so proceed with caution.



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