15 Games We All Played In The 90's

When we were younger, we spent most of our day out playing in the street, once we came home from school and changed our uniforms we went banging down the door of our friend's house then played on the road until the street lights came on.

Now a days, kids' ideas of playing is shooting the enemy in Call of Duty, and flinging Angry Birds into the sky. It's sad to think kids these days wouldn't know how to play bulldog, or would probably think we're mad at the idea of drawing boxes on the ground with chalk just to jump on them.

Whether it was a big gang of us chasing each other around the estate, or even if were out playing on our own we always found some way to entertain ourselves, because as kids, all we needed was our imagination.

I'm sure anyone who grew up in the 90s remembers the sheer thrill we got whilst playing all these games, and we sure as hell weren't afraid of getting covered in muck! Here are some of the 90s favorites that gave us all hours of fun.


Rounders was our version of baseball and was always the game to play when you could round up enough troops to make teams.

When it was your turn to run, by God you ran like your life depended on it, first base... second base.. ahhh feck he's nearly caught the ball will I chance third base..everyone is shouting 'GO..GO...GO!!!'


Not to mention feeling like an absolute boss getting a home run!

Duck Duck Goose

We mostly played this in school, we'd all sit around in a circle and get tapped on the head as the person says 'duck..duck...duck..GOOSE!'

Whoever got goose ran for his life back to grab his spot in the circle, we all remember the panic after being tapped because we had to keep our eyes closed!

Who me? am I goose? what? aghhhh!

What time is it Mr. Wolf


Being an expert wolf involved the ability to judge if the kids were close enough to catch.

After saying it's 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock and your creeping closer and closer to Mr. Wolf you sure as hell better RUN FOR YOUR LIFE when it's dinner time! EXTREME PANIC!

Stuck in the mud

Looking back at it now, it's kind of awkward that you stood there with your legs spread while waiting to be freed by someone bulldozing through your middle!

Hats off to the Usain Bolt of the group who was fast enough to slide through everyone without being caught!

Musical Chairs


This one was an indoor game but who else remembers that time of the party where the mum says 'okay everyone, it's time for musical chairs' followed by a big sarcastic 'yaaaaay!'

You'd hop off everyone and end up black and blue in a bid to dive on the chair for a spot..and if that meant shoving your bestie onto the floor then so be it!

Pass the parcel

Yet another party game. We awkwardly sat there passing around a wrapped present.

Holding it for that second longer praying the music would stop on you!

This could go on for hours..layer..after layer..after layer.. of wrapping paper. "FOR F*CK SAKE I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE!!"


45/Hide and seek

The king of all childhood games! If like me, you lived in a big estate and were lucky enough to have big trees, you were already ahead!

God help the person who was on if they left the pole/wall to see could they find people. It was all systems GO GO GO to run to base and SCREAM "45 I FREE ALL" #legend

Mother May I

"Emma, you may take two giant leaps" and by God did you stretch those legs like you were doing the splits!

OOOOOH NO SORRY. Back to the start.


You may have thought the world was in your hands but you forgot to say mother may I? #Damn so close!

Knock A Dolly

Although everyone played this, it was mainly the boys who loved it.. basically because they could run down home faster than you said dolly!

We thrived for the feeling of the chase! And targeting the ones we knew we'd get it off!

We all had one like Mr. O'Hara aka 'Shotgun' who would chase you til they caught you are dragged you by the ear down to your mother! #feckyoulittleshit

N.B this would usually be the same person who kept all your soccer balls if they ever went into their garden.
No one liked a spoil sport!


Red Rover

The trick to this was to get all the big, strong, vicious, crowd on your side.

"Red rover, red rover, we call Emma over" and you will hold that person's hand so tight you'd stop their blood flow because you will NOT be the reason they broke through the chain!

I always felt sorry for the little ones in this, they hadn't a hope!

Chinese Whispers

"Sally went to school in the rain splashing in the puddles on the way"


15 people later and you end up with "Sally went fishing in the mud with kane"

Most of the time the final result made no sense what so ever and some bell-end in the middle literally made up what it could be from hearing a few syllables #classic


When we were in school, getting to play dodgeball at lunch was like all our Christmases coming at once!

And yes.. it was exactly like you see on TV.

The poor misfortune who was always picked on better run for their life because they will get 10 balls blown off their heads one after another! Sad but true...



All the girls used to grab the big ropes in the playground and skip in groups to different chants.

The experts would show off their criss-cross jumps or we would have a competition of who could skip the fastest. No fear of childhood obesity back in our day!

Anyone remember this bad boy?
"My mother and your mother hanging out the clothes
My mother gave your mother a dig in the nose
What colour was the blood?"


Only the cool mums let you draw in chalk all over the front of their house... which was always considered a successful day!


We'd number it 1-10 and throw a stone onto one of the numbers.. then hop like a bunny, one foot..two foot.. up to our destination.. wobbling from side to side.. feckin' raging if we slipped and lost our balance!
You lose your turn!


I think everyone in Ireland played this game... so you took one side of the path and the other took the other side.. and you threw the ball to bounce off the kerb!

There were so many epic ways of gaining more points.

If you threw it over your head you got extra points. Yhrowing it successfully with one hand, like a boss.

100 points for getting it over a car, what a man! Getting into the middle and bouncing it over 50 times with your opponent standing there ABSOLUTELY SICKENED until you go to run back to your spot and get a slap off the ball off your back and they win all your points! #DEVA

No PSP or Wii could compare to the games we played a kids... we were easily entertained!

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