'People In Dublin Keep Thinking I'm A Guard', The Most Irish Reddit Thread Of All Time

It's not often we come across a gem of a Reddit thread, but today we hit the jackpot. This thread reads, 'People in Dublin keep thinking I'm a Guard' and it's absolutely gas.

Reddit user yurtistan posted yesterday, explaining how he's been 'mistaken for a cop' three times in the past week; 'Episode 1. Wednesday - walking along quays in the city centre, walk through a group of teenagers. One of them shouts out "he's a guard". I replied, "no I'm f**king not". They all started oinking and ran away. Bastards.'

He then was cornered by a homeless man who thought he was undercover and said, 'that he knew full well I was a guard and that he would blow my cover if I didn't facilitate him.' Finally, yesterday while walking on Jervis street, 'I stopped at the Luas station to tie my lace. Two junkies started laughing at me. I walked on, one of them shouted: "well guard!". Bastard.'

This, of course, led to some other brilliant stories about people being mistaken for Guards;




Oh Ireland, never change.


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Ciara Finnegan

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